Good Magazine Advance - Set a jpg, gif, or bmp as a background image and type text over it. You can make your text and any area on the 'page' into a hyperlink to another page you create. This can simulate a website on your GBA or you can use images and text to make point-and-click type games.

Good Magazine Advance demo - See a sample of what Good Magazine Advance can do.

GBalpha Walkman v1.0 - A freeware limited-version of GBalpha that works on GBA flash carts. (only allows use of 2 mp3 files)

GBalpha Walkman v1.0 English help file and .bmp files. - A rough translation of the GBalpha 1.0 Chinese Help file, and some useful image files. ^_^

Meteo 1.4 - Lets you convert WMV, AVI, or MPG files to .gba files so you can watch them on your Gameboy Advance using a flash cartridge.

Boot-o-Mat Advance v1.2 (c) 2003 by ph0x - Lets you patch GBA roms so that you can exit to your flash cart's rom-menu with Start+Select+L+R to select another game.

GBA Media Player Files - Firmware, Backimg and other useful files for the Movie Player card.

PocketNES with exit option - Useful for GBA Media Player owners. Lets you exit from PocketNES and back to the Media Player menu.