The M3 is a CF/SD card adapter for your GBA, GBA SP, Nintendo DS, and Gameboy Micro

The M3 Movie Player gives your Nintendo DS the ability to read files from CF and SD compact flash cards to make your NDS a portable multimedia player!

Use your PC and Compact Flash Card Reader to transfer your video & music files to Compact Flash or SD Cards to use with the M3 Movie Player.

- Watch your favorite movies and videos.

- Listen to music, movie soundtracks, and audiobooks. Play, pause, rewind and fast-forward features. Repeat and random playback settings too.

- View pictures manually or use the photo slide-show option.

- Play games.

- Read E-books and other .txt files.

- You can also personalize your M3 by customizing the user interface with your own graphics and icons.

The M3 includes conversion software that converts audio and video media files into a format that can be read by the GBA and NDS.

Transfer your converted video & music files to Compact Flash or SD Cards using a PC and a Compact Flash Card Reader. With a CF or SD card inserted into the M3 CF or M3 SD Movie Player, just plug the M3 into your GBA or NDS system and you're set! The M3 gives your GBA/NDS system the ability to read files from CF and SD compact flash cards.


The PassKey and Passcard2 is for use only with Nintendo DS and adds these additonal features to your M3:

- Movies use the higher resolution of the Nintendo DS screen.

- Use your NDS to play your favorite MP3 files (including MP3 "Podcasts") with touchscreen controls too!

There are currently 2 versions of the PassKey. PassKey2 and PassCard2 will work with all models of the Nintendo DS, while the original PassKey will work only with NDS systems that have the earlier firmware. Find out which version of the firmware your NDS has with this easy check.

M3CF Support

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